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Wooden toys and great applications in your home life

Wooden toys and great applications in your home life

Wooden toys are essential for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Children need lots of opportunities to play with a wide variety of good toys to use their imagination. We need to respect and understand more about the world of the game and its great value for all children. Toys are an important part of every child’s life. Choosing the right toy from a variety of abilities and skills can be very rewarding for both adults and children. Playing with children, you will have to learn from them a lot of new things.


Questions parents should ask themselves before choosing a children’s toy or item

  1. Are toys/products safe? Is there any danger? Is the product too small? Are there sharp edges or connections of the parts secured? Is it harmful to children? Can it be easily cleaned after each play? Does it meet consumer product safety standards? Is there a warranty?
  2. Is the product interesting? A toy product that is considered to be interesting needs the following elements: Satisfying a child’s joy, stimulating curiosity and play, feeling interesting, and providing practical skills.
  3. Is the product suitable? This is an extremely important factor and is the main decisive factor. Is the toy appropriate for the child’s current stage of development? Are toys appropriate for the child’s age, skills and abilities? What can children play, absorb and get from them?
  4. Is the product well designed? Is it easy to use? Do you look and feel them at ease?
  5. Is the product flexible? Is there more than one way of playing for it? Children can have multiple play options for the same product or in combination with other products.
  6. Is the product durable? Does it have to last long enough to end up being used by the youth? Children play very vigorously and smash toys. Hence the necessary rigidity and toughness are required.
  7. Is the product attractive and attractive to babies? Can it provide opportunities for children to have fun, to learn, and to think? Will the child know how to use the products? Or would it be too difficult to use without adult help?
  8. Will products help children expand their creativity? With suitable products. Children can expand their imagination in art, role-play, hobbies, language, reading, creativity …
  9. Do children’s toys help nurture childhood? Will the products help children show affection, interest and experience to others, and practice positive social interactions? Either there exists any negative, violent, sexist aspect.
  10. What educational toy does that toy have for your child? Does it help broaden cultural self-esteem, values, understanding and awareness? Does it build skills for your child? Like eye / hand coordination? motor skills? communication? Or educating children about the environment? community? world? history? science and technology? other skills?
  11. Can the product be easily cleaned and reused? Usage needs to be cleaned or after deterioration can be recycled to protect the environment
  12. Are toys affordable and suitable for the value received?


The influence and impact of electronic toys, technology toys nowadays

Sometimes it seems that traditional toys or storybooks have lost the interest of children (and adults). This may simply be that the competition between traditional forms of learning and new electronic devices appears more compelling. However, children need to read from books, listen to stories read aloud, and play with a variety of products (paper, clay, puzzles, brain toys, blocks, dolls, tools music, and with many other peers) for optimal academic, physical and thinking development.

Electronic toys, no matter how much fun, exciting games and movies never replace the experience of reading a book, enjoying a story, playing with real objects, and creating the game with the baby’s own hands (drawing with fingers or building a tower of wooden blocks).

Oftentimes, electronic devices grab our attention and we forget how to interact and spend time talking with a real person. I think electronic devices are great tools for exchanging information, quickly sending information, and even playing good games in a short time.

But high-tech electronics and toys are no substitute for the need for real personal contact and human interaction. They are easy to separate into their own world and fall into autism. Social interaction is what is most valuable for full human development and well-being.


The reasons for choosing wooden toys for your children

Wooden toys often have a much longer lifespan than electronic or plastic toys. Because they are made of solid natural blocks, they are difficult to be broken or crushed, distorted, resistant to water and temperature,… Moreover, these toys are also biodegradable. Natural, it does not cause harmful effects to the environment. When you let your child use smart wooden toys, it is also an indirect way to teach children how to save and preserve their objects and games. Therefore, it is often said that allowing children to use this type of toy is a wise and long-term choice.

  • Wooden children’s toys are safe toys

Toys are an indispensable part of each child’s soul mate, sticking with them for a long time. Therefore, when choosing toys, especially young children, parents always pay attention to safety. Not only the safety of the material, but also the shape and play style to avoid hurting the child. When there is a need to buy toys, parents can refer to wooden toys. Because they are usually safer than plastic toys. Reducing the risk of exposure to toxic ingredients such as Phthalates, PVC … Because of this, parents can rest assured their children play all day without having to worry about the dangers from types of toys caused.

  • Wooden toys are always loved by children

Many parents have a desire to choose wooden toys because of the many outstanding features they offer. However, they are afraid of one thing: that their children do not like this kind of toy. But from now on, parents please rest assured! Because there have been many studies showing that: Children always love wooden puzzle toys. Because these toys always create curiosity and excitement for babies. Helping children to play and learn many interesting things.

  • Environmentally friendly wooden toys

Today, the choice of items with environmental protection is the first choice. Wooden toys are not meant to destroy the environment for the wood to create toys. Rather, these are high quality toy frames, manufactured from solid solid wood. Especially highly biodegradable and recyclable. Therefore, wood is always chosen as a useful source of raw materials for the environment.Most users love and choose.

  • Wooden toys for babies to help keep long-term memories, are the foundation for children to develop comprehensively

This is a durable wooden toy that most children love. Therefore, this is a toy that contributes to nourishing a child’s soul. When playing with siblings, friends, parents, babies will increase their ability to communicate. Helping the baby more complete emotionally and personality. When seeing this special toy, moments of love and meaning with the family are recalled. Increases the ability to communicate inside the child. Helping children to be more sociable, know how to love and share. At the same time, it also helps children to be more skillful in using language, expressing emotions, and social activities skills.


  • Use wooden toys to help children develop cognitive abilities

Babies aged 6 months or more, when they have entered the cognitive stage, are always attracted by toys, especially colorful toys. If your baby is exposed to colorful and colorful wooden blocks, the ability to know about the world around them will increase quickly. Help your baby form a habit of remembering shapes, colors and the sense of geometry when holding. It’s one of the best ways to learn. In particular, if exposed to toys with a lot of sounds, such as the instrument, it will increase the sensitivity of the hearing. Help children distinguish sounds, get voices quickly, find out where sounds are generated. This method is very good for the child’s intellectual and intellectual development in the future.

  • Wooden toys help babies to form a love for nature

Letting your child use wooden toys is one of the ways to teach children to love nature. Help children to appreciate the values ​​that nature offers. Teach children how to be grateful when receiving objects, to be grateful for the values ​​that nature brings. Form good and useful life habits for the society to come.

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