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Ways to decorate the home space with handcrafted wooden tray and mortar

Ways to decorate the home space with handcrafted wooden tray and mortar

Wooden furniture gives us a rustic, pure and natural feeling that makes the surrounding space more comfortable and relaxing. “Wood finished in glistening black lacquer is the very best; but even unfinished wood, as it darkens and the grain grows more subtle with the years, acquires an inexplicable power to calm and soothe.” – said Junichiro Tanizaki. Decorative items made from wood are not uncommon, but have you ever thought of using wooden trays or wooden mortars to change the layout of your living space? Join us to find out in the article below.

Choosing suitable space for decoration

  • Living room: 

The living room is where the host welcomes their guests, this is considered the center of the house, the place that attracts the most attention from people when entering the house. Therefore, the decoration in the living room needs to be done meticulously and carefully to ensure the best visual effects. In addition, the living room is also considered a fortune gathering place in oriental feng-shui tradition, so decorations that are symbols of good fortune will be even more appropriate when displayed here.

Some suitable places to place wooden decorations in the living room: drinking tables, TV cabinets, walls in the living room, wooden shelves,…


  • Dining room:

The dining room is considered to be the warmest place in the house because this is the place where all family members will gather and listen to each other’s stories during a long working day. Therefore, when decorating the dining room, we need to pay attention to creating warmth and intimacy, helping people to open up when talking with each other. Combining the dining room with yellow lights is also a great idea to bring out a good effect.

Some suitable places to place wooden decorations in the dining room: Dining table, large kitchen cabinet, dining room wall, …

  • Bedroom:

The bedroom – which brings relaxation and relaxation to the homeowner after spending a long day – needs to be carefully cared for to ensure the most comfortable experience when using. A little bonsai or natural green combined with wood material will definitely make you feel relieved and bring the best mood before falling asleep.

Some suitable places to place wooden decorations in the bedroom: Dressing tables, decorative shelves, bedroom walls, …


  • Corridors and stairs:

The hallways or stairs connecting the rooms in the house are also a great place to decorate with wooden products, it will create excitement not only for homeowners but for visitors to come home.

Some suitable places to place wooden decorations in corridors, stairs: Walls along stairs, corridors, staircases, …

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Suggestion for decorating wooden mortar tray in home and office space

  • Storing and pounding seasonings: Using wooden mortars when pounding seasonings in cooking is a great way to increase the flavor of food a multiple times. The wooden pestles are designed to fit in your hand and easy to hold, making the pounding of food an artistic stage. The unique design of the wooden mortars will also bring a new breath to your kitchen.
  • Place fruit or decorative sweets: What’s better than having fresh fruit at home. The bright colors of the fruit combined with the rustic wood color create a unique combination that brightens the surroundings.

  • Plant succulents: Succulents, which have a strong vitality and are easy to care for, are one of the very popular plants for home decoration. Transforming your wooden tray into a pot of this interesting plant is also a great idea to try.

  • Decorated with other items: Handcrafted woodwork is beautiful when standing alone, but it’s even more wonderful if you know how to arrange and combine them with other decorations. Other handicrafts such as brass or pottery are great suggestions if you want to refresh your living space in this way.


It can be seen that wooden furniture in general and wooden mortar trays in particular are very practical items. Both have decorative effects and have features for life. Just combined with regular maintenance, your home will always be bright and warm when adorned with these items.

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