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Water hyacinth bag – The journey to imprint on the international market

Water hyacinth bag – The journey to imprint on the international market

Previously, water hyacinth bag was just a specialized bag for the people of the South of Vietnam. But today, with the change in design and production technology, water hyacinth bags have become the top gift not only for domestic customers but also for foreign customers.


The process of producing water hyacinth bags

Pretty small water hyacinth bags always make foreign tourists excited. It looks simple, but it takes a lot of effort to produce a bag. The production process of water hyacinth bag includes many different stages:

  • Material handling

True to its name, this bag is made from water hyacinth. This is a popular plant in the Mekong Delta region. For the natural environment, water hyacinth works to filter water and remove heavy metals. However, the water hyacinth grows very fast, causing rivers to become clogged, and block traffic routes. That is why the people here take advantage of this plant and make a bag of water hyacinths.


The first step in making water hyacinth bags is to collect water hyacinths. After that, it is cut off the roots and processed to clean. Water hyacinths are dried in the sun to remove moisture, which also helps to preserve the ingredients for longer.


  • How to knit the water hyacinth bag


When the ingredients have been prepared, the craftsman will start knitting bags. Currently there are 5 popular ways to knit hyacinth bags:

    • Custard-apple fruit eyes knitting pattern, this is also known as rice grain knitting.
    • The herringbone knitting pattern.
    • Checkered knitting pattern.
    • Asterisks knitting pattern.
    • Apricot flowers knitting pattern.

With each way of knitting water hyacinth bags, there are different designs and extremely beautiful.

  • Handling and cleaning products

After the bag is woven into the finished product, dust is washed and sprayed with water. This step helps to remove all stains on the water hyacinth bag when knitting.


  • Drying products

After cleaning, the bags will be dried in an oven according to international quality standards. This makes the water hyacinth bag easily exported as it has met the required standards and testing.

  • Moisture checking and storing products

In order to absolutely guarantee the quality of this souvenir for foreign visitors, a final moisture test will be conducted. This step is to ensure that water hyacinth bags will not get moldy during storage or use.

The reasons why we should choose to use water hyacinth bags

  • Design diversity

Handmade hyacinth bags are always diverse in designs. Each knitting pattern results in a different bag. Not only that, today people also diversify the handmade hyacinth bag products by combining additional motifs with lace, dried flowers, or drawing color on the bag,… This way helps the water hyacinth bags always become fresh and a very reasonable souvenir for visitors.

  • Environmentally friendly

When choosing souvenirs for foreigners, choose eco-friendly products. Such souvenirs for foreigners will help you get sympathy with the recipient, especially business partners. Today, when the world is strongly opposed to using animal skin to make handbags, handmade hyacinth bags are the perfect choice.

This is a bag made from water hyacinth plants so it is extremely environmentally friendly. Not only that, this process of producing souvenirs for foreigners is completely natural without using chemicals, so it has almost no negative impact on our environment.


  • High durability

If Chinese leather bags, after only a few months of use, are at risk of damage or skin explosion, in contrast, with a handmade hyacinth bag, you can use up to 5 years.

Just keep this gift for foreigners in a cool, dry place and the bag will still look like new after a long time of use.

  • Highly practical

If the fashion bags are usually only used to go out, the hyacinth handbag is very versatile. You can use handmade hyacinth bags to go out, go to work or go to the market, go to the beach.

For foreigners, they always prioritize the convenience of the product first, so the water hyacinth bag will definitely be the most reasonable souvenir for foreigners.

When using a water hyacinth handbag as a gift for foreigners, you are completely assured that the bag will never go out of style. Every year, when summer comes, water hyacinth bags come back to the village in the fashion world. Water hyacinth handbag products become the indomitable object of domestic and foreign women every time they go to sea.

Using water hyacinth bags to go to the beach, even if it is soaked in water, it will not damage. Just dry it and we can use the normal bag as the original.

  • A gift from Vietnam

With this souvenir for foreigners, people can realize that this is a product of Vietnam even if they go anywhere in the world. Most foreigners who receive water hyacinth bag products are extremely excited. Hyacinth bag not only attracts foreigners by its design and color, but also by the special material to create the bag.

For foreigners, when choosing gifts or souvenirs, they always want them to receive a typical gift representing the country. So the bag of water hyacinth is a perfect souvenir, each bag of water hyacinth seems to contain the hospitality and love of the Vietnamese people to the guests in the distance.


  • Reasonable price

If you want to choose souvenirs for foreign tourists that are both luxurious, beautiful, meaningful and affordable, what is more suitable than a water hyacinth handbag?

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, in terms of price water hyacinth handbags are also extremely reasonable. Hyacinth handbag products only range from a few hundred thousand each. At this price we can choose gift bags for foreigners in bulk. Not only that, the hyacinth handbag products are qualified for export, when using it as a gift or souvenir you will not worry about the customs problem due to the non-standard.

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