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Top 10 souvenirs you cannot help but buy if traveling in Vietnam

Top 10 souvenirs you cannot help but buy if traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tourist attraction country in Southeast Asia and Asia in general. In addition to the treatment from motherland with gold and silver forests and peaceful natural landscapes, hospitable Vietnamese people and local products are also the reasons why tourists come to this beautiful country. Below is a list of unique Vietnamese souvenirs in the eyes of international tourists.

In addition to the joy of discovering a different culture, taking beautiful photos on the trip, tasting Vietnamese dishes, shopping will be a unique way for travelers. Foreigners can learn more about the habits and ways of living of local people.

Below is a list of 10 souvenirs that are explored and refined by Nam An Craft in many Vietnamese products. Each gift has its own characteristics, its own strange features. If you have any comments about your favorite souvenirs in Vietnam, please comment below to let us know!

Conical hat

The conical hat is a symbol of Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese woman wears a conical hat on her head like a beautiful image of a gentle, poetic woman. Not only a symbolic gift, the conical hat also has an effective function and is an indispensable item of the Vietnamese people.


The conical hat is familiar with the funnel structure, helping to shield the rain from the sun and always promote its effects. The conical hat itself will also have many different types because of each region, for example, the conical hat of the Tay will have a different color when slightly turning to ivory, in Thanh Hoa it will only use 20 frame lines. The original Hue conical hat will be thinner and more elegant and softer, while the opposite will be more dense if the hat is made in Binh Dinh.

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Ao Dai

Since the 18th century, the Ao Dai has been honored to become the national dress of Vietnam. Until today, there are still 3 different styles of Ao Dai.


Traditional Ao Dai with dotted length, sewn to fit the woman’s body, with side lines and flaps at waist level, creating a triangular area just barely enough to show off the wearer’s complexion. Innovative Ao Dai with two shortened flaps, just knee-high, makes it convenient to move and suitable for wearing on many different occasions. The wedding Ao Dai is more formal than the traditional Ao Dai with hand-embroidered or bonded parts, helping to enhance the bride’s elegance and splendor on the day of her marriage.


In Vietnam, there is a famous Van Phuc Ha Dong silk material that is famous not only in Viet Nam but also all over the world. There are many shops or establishments that sell pure silk, made from 100% natural silk. This luxurious and noble material is really of great value and it is not difficult to realize it. Plus, there are many different silk materials on the Vietnamese market with prices ranging from affordable to extreme. No matter what it is, this is also considered a valuable gift when tourists come to Vietnam to buy for relatives and friends as gifts at home.


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Embroidery painting

The skilled craftsmanship of Vietnamese artisans is always a thing that makes foreign visitors feel admiration and respect. Hand-embroidered painting is an art form that has existed for a long time. Over time, the artisans have perfected their best skills to create the most elaborate and meticulous works of art. Hand-embroidered paintings with hundreds of thousands of multicolored stitches are meticulously sewn on a silk cloth and stretched on a frame made of precious wood is of great value.

Hand-embroidered paintings are often inspired by nature, everyday life, or even portraits of buyers. Tourists coming to Vietnam can also order for themselves a gift where the content and ideas are conveyed by visitors to the artists. After a short time of about 1 week, customers can receive their souvenirs. For that reason, hand-embroidered paintings are often of no low value.

Wooden utensils

Wooden items are simply understood as the products made from wood, typically wooden statues, boxes, kitchenware, toys… Fine art furniture products, especially wooden statue is not only used to decorate the house, but it also has a deep feng-shui meaning, helping to change the fortunes of the homeowner, attracting a lot of fortune, the family is always in harmony, happy, favorable business, at the same time avoiding bad things or bad luck from happening.


Understanding the importance of handicraft souvenir furniture, the selection of products and items is very important. You should choose products with high durability and aesthetics to suit any space, convenient for decoration and guaranteed in terms of feng shui. A gift couldn’t be better.

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Wooden clogs

Clogs were a traditional shoe for our grandparents in the past. Through many years of heroic history, today Vietnam still retains the identity and history of his father with a set of three traditional “specialties”, namely ao dai, conical hats and wooden clogs. Regardless of whether a woman attends national events or exchanges cultures with other countries, it is easy to recognize that they are all carrying these 3 items, as a way of transmission. about the national pride and the beautiful beauty of Vietnamese girls.

The wooden clogs today are still preserved as part of the national history and many craftsmen still make them. However, they are no longer widely used because their performance cannot compete with other footwear. Today, tourists can still admire the rustic clogs when participating in cultural and artistic performances such as Cai Luong and Ca Tru. Wooden clogs as souvenirs for foreign tourists, why not?

Ceramic and pottery

Pottery is another great Vietnamese souvenir that you can take home. There is a wide range of ceramic products, which are very attractive and beautiful with different colors and patterns. All of these ceramic items are handcrafted based on traditional methods.


Ceramic products are extremely diverse from colors, shapes, decorative patterns,… from raw items that remain the same brick red or rustic clay color to those that are glazed and elaborately shaped like vases, teapots, ceramic animals … will surely make visitors admire the most unique and interesting traditional beauty in Vietnam.

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Sand paintings

Not a sand painting for children to play at bookstores. Sand painting is an art form that uses a variety of colored sand and arranges the composition into a picture, all in a large glass box or glass vase. Layers of colored sand are arranged to create an artistic picture with a meticulous and delicate beauty. Artisans often take some time to complete a sand painting. Like hand embroidery, sand paintings are of great value because it takes a lot of effort to perfect.

There are 4 different themes that are exploited in the art of sand painting in Vietnam: portraits, natural beauty, human activities and traditional calligraphy.


In recent years, as the market economy develops, life is constantly being improved, the demand for products to serve the daily life of people has also increased, including the demand for sedge products. Therefore, the craft of processing sedge products has brought a significant source of income for the local people.


What could be more wonderful than being immersed in the golden sunlight and blue waters of the sea with a sedge bag? Or stride through the big streets along with water hyacinth bags that are both simple and luxurious. A very interesting choice, helping to protect the environment around us.

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Bronze is considered a very valuable gift because it is made from the most beautiful and quintessential material. Brass gifts are very beautiful and luxurious in appearance and designs. The created motifs and images are rich in aesthetics and soulful. Moreover, they are made of pure red or gold copper, so they have a very high durability. Plus shiny colors create elegance and appeal. The motifs are carefully hand-carved, so they are very beautiful and rich in value. In addition, copper gifts also have feng shui values, so they will bring good omen and luck to people, so they are very popular.


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When traveling in Vietnam, there is nothing more fun than to comfortably immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere here as well as admire the majestic landscapes. Having to buy and keep a lot of souvenirs can reduce our enjoyment, understand the dilemma, Nam An Craft we are pleased to provide the door to door service: While you are continuing your journey to discover the beauty in Vietnam, the gift you choose to buy at Nam An Craft has been sent to your family / country. You do not need to bring any special goods / souvenirs when you finish your trip in Vietnam.

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