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Tips for brewing fragnant tea

Tips for brewing fragnant tea

Since ancient times, drinking tea was the pleasure of many people regardless of the rich or the class,… However, if you do not pay attention to this pleasure, it will probably harm your health. So, in this article, join Nam An Craft to refer to how to make healthy tea so that this drink can maximize its uses and limit the disadvantages.


First, to make tea, you need to prepare: fresh tea leaves, slices of fresh ginger (or maybe pineapple leaves, lemongrass, mint,…), hot boiling water 80-90 degrees, kettle, tea kettle set,…

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Preliminary preparation before making tea

The pre-brewing step is very important, if not done carefully, your drink may not be what you want:

  • Step 1: Tea leaves soak in water, wash off dust on leaves, soak for 10 minutes before taking out, then lightly rub the leaves so that the leaves are not crushed or crushed.
  • Step 2: Use boiling water to rinse the pot or a pot to ensure hygiene, increase the temperature when braking tea to make the tea greener.
  • Step 3: Arrange the tea along the kettle, leaving the tap water so that the water is easy to drain, the tea leaves do not squeeze each other, soak the water evenly and not be steamed. Cover the leaves with boiling water, soak for about 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, pour the bare water away, this action helps the tea leaves cleaner, reduce the resin, look, and acrid.

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How to brew hot tea

  • Step 1: Put the remaining boiling water in the kettle, do not cover the jar and keep the tea on for 20 minutes.
  • Step 2: Add ginger / pineapple leaves / lemongrass / mint together if you like.
  • Step 3: After the first 20 minutes of making tea, you can add 1-2 ice cubes to make the tea clear and beautiful.
  • Step 4: After 10 minutes of melting ice, pour water into the teapot. Do not soak the tea leaves in a kettle because it makes the tea taste bitter and fragrant. Cool and enjoy the tea after it’s done.

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How to brew cold tea

Heat the tea in cool water for about 6 hours (overnight). 10 minutes before using instead of cooking on the stove, store in the refrigerator.


* 2g of tea should be brewed with 100ml of water.

* Don’t make tea too thick because the caffeine and tannin content in tea causes headaches and insomnia.

* Do not soak the tea for too long. This not only reduces the transparency of the tea, but also reduces the nutrient content of the tea.

* Don’t make tea too many times because it will release toxins.

* Do not add sugar to tea. The sugar combined with the tea can cause a loss of nutrients. However, honey can be substituted for sugar and should not add anything to the tea.

* Keep tea in the refrigerator; but if it is stored in a natural environment; it should not be used when it has been left for more than 8 hours after brewing.

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