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Tip for the proper use and preservation of silk ties

Tip for the proper use and preservation of silk ties

Wearing the right suit for each occasion is no longer a strange thing when any fashion magazine or style website will guide and update it thoroughly. Wearing it is fine, wearing it so that it is both beautiful and different requires the fashion sense and sophistication of each man, especially when the suit always comes with a tie – an indispensable jewelry for gentlemen show. Let Nam An Craft suggest some rules for matching a tie with a shirt so that when you choose to buy a tie pattern that suits your outfit. Nam An Craft will reveal some more ways to preserve your silk tie so that your tie is always as beautiful as new!

Principles of matching a tie with a shirt

Even with the fact that the tie is the most familiar and popular fashion item for shirts, that doesn’t mean just “go with your eyes”. The shirt and tie relationship is not merely a combination, it is art! But this is not too difficult a problem, just mastering the following 3 principles, every guy can choose for himself the best pair of shirt – tie.

Plain ties on plain shirts

The combination of both a plain shirt and a tie is quite safe. The only problem lies in how to choose colors.

First: contrasting tones.

This is a basic combination. With bright-colored shirts like white, blue, and pale pink, you can wear almost any tie color you like. Combining contrast will help your outfit not be monotonous, boring.

Second: similar tones.

If you wear a bright blue shirt? Try a dark blue tie right away. A pink shirt? A dark red, brown or purple silk tie are good suggestions. This type of combination will often bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to the wearer. When choosing the same color for this duo, what you should avoid is to combine two tones too close together and absolutely never wear a tie that matches the exact color of the shirt.

Patterns with plain tones or vice versa

This type of association requires a little more caution. The simple trick to “neutralize” this is to just choose a tie color that matches the color of a pattern on the shirt. The same is true in the opposite direction: one of the motifs on the tie is the color that matches the shirt

Pattern ties with pattern shirts

Obviously this type of combination requires you to be a little more sophisticated and “high-handed”. The following considerations will help you avoid a “catastrophic” combination:

  • One, multi-pattern stitching. Eliminate the thought of having two patterns appear on both. If your shirt has a polka dot pattern, don’t use a dotted tie.
  • Two, motifs must be different in size. Basically, the pattern on a tie should be larger and / or darker than the pattern on a shirt. A thick, bold striped tie will match a thin, thin, large checkered shirt that will go well with small checkered vignettes. Before you want to create a fluffy effect, don’t try on shirts and ties of the same design and size.
  • Three, harmonize a detail of the tie with the main color of the shirt. What you need to do first is to determine the main color tone of your shirt and find a tie with the same color tone as the shirt. A white and blue plaid shirt (the main color tone is green) will be perfectly flattened with a brown tie (or any basic tone) with a dark blue motif.

Tip for proper use and preservation of silk ties

How to preserve silk ties

Wearing a tie for days in a row not only makes you look boring, but also loses its shape and sharpness on the outside. Therefore, you should own at least two ties to change.

  • Knock off carefully: Another factor that often goes wrong is when opening a tie’s knot. No matter how rushed you are, do not forcefully tug the knot. This helps keep your new tie from being deformed or wrinkled due to the creases, especially silk ties. As you pull the thin tail over the knot, pull gently and deftly. The secret to properly removing a silk tie is to remove it step by step when it is tied on.
  • Tie preservation: Whether made from any material silk, wool or cotton; Even ties should be stored by hanging straight from the closet. Properly hanging ties increases their lifespan, minimizing knot loosening. At the same time, hanging them in the closet helps them keep their natural bright color, not fading the material.
  • Tie cleaning: Although some types of ties are hand washable, with silk ties it’s best to choose dry cleaning. The amount of detergent contained in the cleaning chemicals can cause a tie to deform, lose the texture or gloss of the natural silk. In the event of a dirty tie, you should use a soft cloth, wet and wipe the stain; Let it dry, then gently scrape away the dirt with your hand. To use a special detergent, you should check its suitability for a tie by testing the bleach on the inside. Nam An Craft recommends that you only use mild detergents in washing or cleaning silk-related products.
  • Remove creases from your tie: The heat of the iron can cause your tie to fade or even damage; Therefore, ties should not be ironed even if they are too wrinkled. The simple trick for a silk tie to always be flat, clean is to hang them in the bathroom, rinse in hot water. After about 10-15 minutes of steam will help the tie remove wrinkles. If the creases are too stubborn, you can use a steam iron. The heat from the steam iron is directly blown onto the tie’s surface to straighten them. Note: Absolutely not let silk tie directly contact with water or iron surface.

Preserving ties when going for a business trip

If you have to prepare ties for your business trip, you should use a special container to store them. Or more economically, guys can curl up a tie and tuck in a pair of clean socks to keep their shape.

Tip for proper use and preservation of silk ties

Where to buy a reputable silk tie?

Currently, there are many shops dealing in tie products made from many different materials, in which Nam An Craft is a famous brand of silk tie products made in Vietnam.

Nam An Craft offers you a high-class product, sewn from a premium and luxurious raw material, natural silk. You can completely rest assured when coming to Nam An Craft without having to worry about the origin of the product. By selling real, real silk, we confidently guarantee your own peace of mind.

With a variety of models with a line of smooth silk ties, textured silk ties, and gold-plated silk ties on request, with rich colors, you absolutely can choose for yourself not only one, but many the most luxurious and pleasing silk ties, an indispensable jewelry for your important events.

You will not have to spend time thinking about what to buy, where to buy a valuable and meaningful gift to give to relatives, friends, partners or your lovely foreign guests. Come to Nam An Craft – 158 Bach Dang, Da Nang for us to serve you.

Tip for proper use and preservation of silk ties

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