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The secret of hand-thrown pottery

The secret of hand-thrown pottery

The mystery of hand-thrown pottery – Why traditional ceramics still retain value in modern times?

Do ceramic pots, plates, and cups make you curious? How could a handful of earth be pictured and turned into such useful, sturdy and beautiful objects?

The general stages of the two techniques of making pottery are: soil preparation (soil selection, processing, preparation), shaping, drying, decorating, enameling, and baking.

The secret of hand-thrown pottery

How to design modern ceramic?

Modern ceramic making technique serves the fast and cheap demand of the market. Modern ceramics need a set of molds that can be made of plaster or wood. After that, the potters fill the mold with soil in order to firmly grip the legs, and at the same time remove the excess soil layers to create the product design. Modern ceramic products are mass produced, cast from a mold, so there is no deviation in thin thickness.

How to create a traditional ceramic?

Traditional pottery-making techniques bring more effort and affection at the posing stage. Includes a manual ceramic claw on a turntable for long, round, square, ruffled shapes; creates a smooth or rough surface,… and adds the talent of the craftsman’s hands to carve the flowers, the animal is floating on the product. Each product is slightly different, which cannot be measured visually.

The secret of hand-thrown pottery

Why are hand-thrown ceramics still valuable in modern times?

In addition, the craftsmen also make their own handcrafted glazes, covering the ceramic remains. Each petal, leaf, or body of an elephant statue is the product of a process of learning and researching.

Therefore, after firing, the finished work also has some color differences. 10 pots of oven, none like any other. The first difference is that each product has the same general shape, but looks closely, it will not look like “mold”, there is always a slight up and down in the pattern or product shape.

The second difference, the color in each product will have a slight difference in density, “crack” (light cut lines), “spotlight” of brown dots,… depending on how heat is adjusted at heating. ceramic.

It can be said that each traditional handmade ceramic product is a unique product. Unfortunately, you pass by, you accidentally break it, just like you lose something you can’t find.

But saying that also has an unfortunate implication. Handcrafted ceramics, which do not contain more artists’ feelings and feelings than “instant noodles” ceramic products, must be charming, must love the sophistication, then you can feel each weight, lines, the color that those hands give.

The secret of hand-thrown pottery

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