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The Fable of the Rabbit and the Turtle

The Fable of the Rabbit and the Turtle

The fragrant wood is carved into a variety of shapes, adding a soft curved wood grain. Simple rustic toy filled with poignant lessons. Both bring a humanistic meaning, and decorate the beautiful corner of the room.

The Fable of the Rabbit and the Turtle The Fable of the Rabbit and the Turtle

A fable tells of a rabbit making fun of a slow turtle. The turtle was unhappy with that haughty attitude of the Rabbit. The Turtle immediately challenged the Rabbit to a race, with the goal of being a big old tree at the end of the forest. After leaving the starting point for a few seconds, the Rabbit quickly left the Turtle behind. The rabbit was confident that he would win, so he stopped in the middle of the race to chase a pair of white butterflies, another butterfly appeared, then another was four in total, the rabbit is forever chasing them on the flower meadow. After that, he took a nap.
However, when he woke up, the Rabbit realized that the opponent Turtle was still slowly persisting in crawling, but had already reached the finish before him.

The story teaches children that you should:
– Pay attention to what you are doing, studying.
– Do not be subjective on your talents, your forte.
– Not arrogant, disparaging others.

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