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The attraction of Bat Trang pottery village

The attraction of Bat Trang pottery village

Before there were modern machines for production, Vietnam had many craft villages. Speaking of pottery, no one does not know the pottery village of Bat Trang in Hanoi, a craft village that has appeared for more than 500 years.

Bat Trang is known as a pottery paradise with countless objects made of pottery, now this village is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Then what is so attractive here?


Handcrafted pottery from Bat Trang village

Bat Trang Pottery Village – Talented hands

Bat Trang pottery village has a very long tradition of producing pottery by hand production methods and techniques. Experienced artisans with skillful hands will turn clay patches into products with a unique beauty and meaning. The products of Bat Trang pottery village created on the turntable are passed down from generation to generation, with the inherited secrets of creating durable, beautiful and unique products. Many models of the pottery village are loved by many domestic and foreign traders and ordered a lot.

When you come here, you will be able to see with your own eyes the skilled artisans take care of each detail to create products with extremely delicate shapes and patterns. The peaceful and cultural scenes here will make visitors feel somewhat about Vietnamese culture and people.


Create your own ceramic products

This is a special thing and attracts tourists to Bat Trang pottery village where visitors can mold their own pottery according to their preferences. To develop tourism as well as promote pottery, many families have opened this service to serve tourists. Here the owner will give visitors a piece of clay, qualified for making pottery and a turntable.

Next, you put the clay on the turntable and start creating the desired shape, looking like that is difficult to create beautiful and cute products with your hands. Most people create a cup shape, a vase, what’s the simplest. After shaping is completed, the drying process takes about 30 minutes, visitors can send the product here for a walk and come back to collect it later. After drying, it will come to painting and carving for the product. Finally, the worker will paint the outside to keep the visitor’s product beautiful, more durable over time.namancraft.com

The Van Van ancient house 

The ancient house of Van Van is open from 8am to 5:30 pm daily, located at the end of Bat Trang pottery village. Ancient products of Bat Trang pottery village are displayed here such as dragon jars, lamas pots, ceramic stamping molds ,.. In addition to these antiques, the architecture of this old house is also particularly interesting. With an area of ​​more than 400m2, including 3 old houses and a workshop that simulates a 200-year-old ceramic furnace, it brings curiosity and excitement to visitors.


Go for a walk to buy souvenirs at the Pottery Market

Entering Bat Trang pottery market, visitors will encounter pairs of real size hyacinth statues and lovely porcelain toys. There are very interesting statues of the ugly couple Chi Pheo – Thi No by Nam Cao writer from big to small. Pottery market also sells many types, colors, sizes,… from cups, dishes, small landscapes, souvenirs, porcelain paintings, ceramic jewelry for visitors to choose from.


Pottery is arranged on both inside and outside shelves of each booth very neatly and beautifully. The whole market has nearly hundreds of shops, the aisle between the adjacent stalls is said to be like a maze, but all the paths lead to the large courtyard space in the middle so visitors don’t need to worry.

What to eat at the Pottery market?

Pottery market not only has pottery but also serves many dishes that are specialties in Hanoi such as: Bun cha, bun met, bun nem, … or simply plain cakes, glasses of sugarcane juice. That much alone makes visitors feel warm when they step foot here.

Speaking of the pottery village, it is impossible to ignore the specialties of squid bamboo-shoot soup, the famous traditional dish in Bat Trang Pottery Village. The golden color of bamboo shoots is mixed with the fragrant broth, when eating the chewy bamboo shoots, the fresh water is very delicious, very delicious. In addition, this soup is often used as the main dish in traditional holidays, weddings, Tet holidays in Bat Trang village.


Some note when coming to Pottery village

There is a very special vehicle here, a buffalo cart, visitors can try while walking or renting a bicycle for the convenience of sightseeing. Especially, when buying goods at the market, it is not good to pay about 2/3 of the offered price, but do not overpay without buying. The market is mostly ceramic, so visitors need to be careful of collisions, especially with children. If you do not want to buy the wrong way, you should try more time before buying.


If you want to learn about the craft villages and ancient cultural features of Vietnam, Bat Trang Gom Village will be a tourist attraction that you cannot ignore. Let’s explore the unique features here!

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