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Suggestions for a rustic style home space

Suggestions for a rustic style home space

Whether you are just exchanging ideas with a designer or you are choosing furniture for your own home, knowing what style you really like makes it so much easier. If you are fond of the beauty of natural items, such as wooden beams and stones, or items that evoke a wide open outdoor space, then what you exactly need is rustic style. Check out this article for more details on this style, including its key elements, tones, furniture, and accessories.

What is rustic style?

The rustic style encompasses all natural beauty. Materials are left intact and undamaged, such as exposed wood beams, brick and stone, large comfortable furniture, and warm fabrics. Inspired by wood, fields and rivers, you can describe simple rustic style as a single-room house or a ski lodge located on a mountainside. And while this style is inspired by the past, you can still have an explanation for today’s era, depending on your own design sensitivity.


The main rustic style is:

Nature: The materials of the object must be raw or organic. Think of raw wood, heavy beams, leather, stone, brick, copper and slate.

Rustic items: Furniture is hard and built to withstand the weight. Hard and weathered-looking materials are perfect for this style.

Cozy feeling: The rustic style will create an extremely relaxing and comfortable feeling for your home, you will extremely desire your home after a day of hard work outside, especially the heating oven, the comfy armchairs and the warm rugs.

Rustic style is not:

Complicated things: Rustic style is escape from reality, not a complicated life with elaborate decorations. Let everything be simple and straightforward.

Trend following: Tradition and heritage are two beautiful outfits of this style. You have to leave what is out of fashion and stay true to what has stood the test of time.

Shiny item: Think of the light-shining wooden stick, you’re on the right track!

Key factor: Rough wood

Needless to think about, in rustic spaces, wood is the key ingredient. Whatever you like: wooden beams, wall cladding, parquet floors, wooden furniture or all of the above, you are on the right track in following this style.

Key factor: Natural color

Rustic houses often have colors from nature – think of the red of an autumn leaf, not the red of a fire truck. Mimics the colors of natural materials such as stone and wood to create an endless cozy space.

Great shades for rustic-style spaces:

Neutral tones: Butter, cream, straw, wheat, ice

Earth tones: Chestnut, mushroom, oak, terracotta.

The colors of spicy: Cinnamon, saffron pistil, pumpkin, chili.


Key factor: High-end interior

The sturdy furniture that looks like a bull will make you feel like you are in a rustic space. Look for sturdy wooden coffee tables with leather armchairs and sofas. Solids make up the bulk of the upholstery, with texture playing a bigger role than pattern – think buttery leather, soft velvet, linen or even burlap, with vintage details.

Some other decorations: Cozy and natural

Express your affection for nature and open space through art, fabrics, and accessories that remind you of the animals, landscapes and traditions of where you live and envelop you in the extreme warmth.

Classic accessories for rustic spaces:

Blanket Pendleton

Carpet Kilim

Nature theme pictures

Faux fur or sheepskin pillow

Natural deer antlers or plastic gauze


Do you need to live in the mountains to get a house of this style?

No need. Because the rustic style shows off the beauty of nature, wherever you live. In fact, incorporating a rustic look into a suburban or urban home can be a great way to feel connected to nature, when you can’t go to the mountains to relax. 

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