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Some handicraft products exported by Vietnam

Some handicraft products exported by Vietnam

Vietnamese handicrafts have a long tradition. That tradition is associated with the wet rice civilization, associated with the names of craft villages and trade streets and is represented by handicraft products with unique, sophisticated and perfect features. Handicraft not only brings economic benefits, but also contains many customs and traditions, traditional cultural beauty of Vietnamese villages. Here, Nam An Craft introduces some of the most famous handicraft export items in Vietnam

What is a traditional profession

Traditional occupations are handicraft industries that have appeared for a long time in the history of economic development of our country that still exist until today, including industries where production methods are improved or used. Using modern machines to support production but still complying with traditional technology.

Thus, from the above definitions, we can concretely understand the handicrafts as follows: handicraft products are the traditional and unique products of each region, with high quality value, both a commodity and a product of culture, art or fine arts, which can even become a national cultural heritage, possessing the cultural identity of the territory or country where they are produced.

Handicraft goods include the following groups of goods:

  1. Group of wood products (handicraft wood)
  2. Bamboo and rattan group
  3. Group of fine art ceramic products
  4. Group of embroidery products

Some Vietnamese export products

Wooden furniture and handicrafts for export

The craft of making wooden handicrafts has existed in Vietnam for a long time and has reached a fairly high level. After a period of disappearance, since the early 80’s; the craft of making fine-art wooden products has been strongly developed to serve both domestic demand and export. The main handicraft wood products are wooden statues, tables, chairs, wardrobes, collapses (beds)…

The wooden art companies in the country with a team of artisans and skilled craftsmen have created many products of both use and artistic value.

Wooden handicrafts of Nam An Craft

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Vietnamese rattan exports

Bamboo, rattan and rattan are the specialties of tropical Vietnam. These three types of trees become an endless source of raw materials for bamboo and rattan craftsmen. Vietnamese bamboo and rattan products were present at the Paris Fair in 1931. Up to now, more than 200 items have traveled across five continents, and are favored by customers. With the skillful hands of the craftsmen, the seemingly useless trunks became fruit plates, flower baskets, flower bowls, lanes, baskets, trays, flower pots, lampshades, bookcase salon sets,…

The advantages of woven bamboo and rattan products are: light, durable, and termite.

Rattan bag from Nam An Craft

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Vietnamese pottery

Pottery profession in Vietnam has been around for a long time. In the North, there are Bat Trang pottery (Hanoi), Dong Trieu pottery (Quang Ninh), Phu Lang pottery (Bac Ninh), Tho Ha pottery (Bac Giang),… In the South there are Saigon pottery, Binh Duong pottery, pottery Bien Hoa (Dong Nai),…

Today Vietnam’s ceramic products are very plentiful; from small objects such as toothpick jars, cigarette ashtrays,… medium-sized products such as flower pots; buddha statues, girls, teapot sets, coffee, bowls, plates and pots to large products such as vases,…

Popular ceramic enamel colors are celadon, eel skin glaze, light yellow glaze, and flowing glaze. The texture on the product is associated with familiar features in life such as the boy playing the flute sitting on a buffalo, the village multi-gate tree, the roof of the pagoda, the young woman plucking the guitar,… Vietnamese pottery has appeared on many international markets.

Ceramic vase from Nam An Craft

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Handcrafted Vietnamese embroidery

The Vietnamese embroiderers are very skillful, they know how to mix dozens of color threads for embroidery.

The types of embroidery products are very diversified, the embroidery patterns are increasingly plentiful; lotus flower, chrysanthemum, dragon phoenix, pair of cedar cranes, couple birds, landscapes, portraits,… Depending on the meaning of each item. the embroidery chooses the pattern. There are embroidery patterns for shirts, there are embroidery patterns for pillows, some for embroidery of kimonos, some for embroidery of tablecloths, bed sheets, wall paintings,…

Embroidery has been around for a long time, in many localities but probably originated in Quat Dong village (Ha Tay). In the list of old town names in Hanoi is Hang The Street, which specializes in selling embroidery (now the end of Hang Trong street bordering Le Thai To street). In addition, the current system of XQ silk embroidery shops also helps visitors understand more and feel a part of Vietnamese culture and talents of embroideries.

Embroidery silk from Nam An Craft

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