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Silk – From high-end products to popular products

Silk – From high-end products to popular products

Either past or present, silkworms are also from the hands of mulberry farmers to raise silkworms, from the hands of craftsmen but into cloth into towels. However, they are not always the direct users of those great products.


In ancient Vietnam, silk was mainly used for kings, aristocrats or wealthy merchants. Traders flock to the mulberry growing areas, raise silkworms to weave silk to buy the most beautiful silk fabrics to provide for the palace, the mandarins or the rich.

The war period in Vietnam was the main cause that the silkworm profession in the villages disappeared and gradually disappeared. If there were no artisans who were devoted to the profession, always suffering from the cocoon, the mulberry profession would not have been able to recover like today.

Up to now, in the subconscious of some consumers, silk is still not recalled. I used to be like that!

Have you ever walked through the old streets with souvenir stalls, traditional silk costumes? Have you ever thought that those products with heavenly prices are only for foreign customers as souvenirs and not as applicable as I thought?

Then one day, for some reason, I suddenly chose to meet artisan Phan Thi Thuan, chose to sit and listen to enthusiasm about the silkworm profession, choose to leave the mess to immerse yourself in the world of silk. And I asked myself, “Why have I forgotten this wonderful material all the time?”


Different from what I thought, modern silk material is not just for making scarves or fabrics. Anything you can make out of yarn, you can make it from silk. Silk material is used more flexibly to make various products with high applicability. You can find silk blankets, towels, face towels, milk towels,… even take advantage of silk essence to beautify. Silk fabrics with different thicknesses, soft and hard can be sewn into a variety of products.

Silk that is a premium material is not always “dishonest”! Silk has never been a cheap material. However, the prices of products made from silk nowadays also have many segments for you to have the most suitable choice. For example, with the product group of silk scarf and silk fabric, the price of silk material is similar to many other materials. Meanwhile, the self-woven silk blanket product, there is no phrase that can better describe it as “special luxury goods”, high quality and special in terms of quality, value of use and price!

In a modern society, the goods are flooded, the competition is increasingly fierce, all product lines are under pressure of increasing quality and completion. However, products from silk still have a firm foothold thanks to the preeminent properties of the material.

Vietnamese people increasingly tend to choose high quality and high quality products. Silk material – with its longstanding affirmation – is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers!


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