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Natural Silk – A Typical Vietnamese Souvenir Gift

Natural Silk – A Typical Vietnamese Souvenir Gift

Silk is a gift that Mother Nature gives to the country of Vietnam. Up to now, silk has a thickness of up to thousands of years old. Moreover, silk also captured the hearts of many people and was dubbed the “queen of fabrics”, so choosing silk as a typical souvenir of Vietnam is an idea. extremely wonderful.

Origin of Vietnamese silk

Legend has it that under the reign of King Hung VI, there was a princess with jade leaves and golden branches – Princess Thieu Hoa, who had a talent for talking to birds and animals. Once, she talked to brown butterflies and was taught how to raise silkworms, learned how to raise silk and weave silk. She brought transmission widely among the people. Since then, the profession of growing mulberry trees and raising silkworms has developed widely throughout the country, forming many craft villages with a thickness of up to thousands of years. The people are grateful to Princess Thieu Hoa, who makes a silk weaving nest.

Until today, silk still lives with traditional weaving villages. Creating a unique, unique and different culture, is the pride of the Vietnamese people.

Natural Silk - A Typical Vietnamese Souvenir Gift

Natural Silk – A typical Vietnamese souvenir

Silk is very popular whether in the past or the modern life today. In the past, silk was a garment for kings and mandarins, and silk was made a tribute to the vassal states. Silk has developed to the point where a world trade route has been formed called the “Silk Road”. Currently, silk and silk products are always the first choice of foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. Therefore, silk is considered a typical souvenir of Vietnam

Natural Silk - A Typical Vietnamese Souvenir Gift

Silk scarf – A typical Vietnamese souvenir for women

To women, a shawl is like lipstick, it is indispensable. What could be better than having a silk scarf. Because silk has a very special property, there is rarely a kind of fabric that can match: “Warm in Winter – Cool in Summer”. A silk scarf can be used as an accessory for a summer day, a scarf to keep the body warm in a cold winter is convenient, right!

Moreover, today many silk brands are also cleverly integrating cultural values, good wishes, and scenic beauty in Vietnam into silk scarves. Making the scarf not only beautiful but also meaningful, bold Vietnamese – Is a typical souvenir of Vietnam.

However, with the “instability” of the Vietnamese market in general and the silk market in particular. Finding a reputable place to buy a gift from guaranteed silk must not be easy. However, we will suggest to you a prestigious address, “Vietnamese silk paradise” in the heart of Da Nang city.

Nam An Craft brand is a brand specializing in providing products from silk, including: silk scarves, silk square towels, high-class silk tie,… The products have diverse designs, each product is a cultural story, a blessing, a famous place in Vietnam. Coming to Nam An Craft, you will surely find a typical Vietnamese souvenir very satisfied.

Natural Silk - A Typical Vietnamese Souvenir Gift

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