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How to prevent brass from oxidation and maintain its durability?

How to prevent brass from oxidation and maintain its durability?

Brass worshipping and brass decorations are usually items of high value, so they should always be carefully preserved. So how to preserve so they will not be oxidized?

The feng-shui worshiping and display space is really suitable for bronze items. Because bronze not only has a solemn and ancient beauty but also creates a sacred and solemnity for the worship space. Homeowners, please join Nam An Craft to learn the following article to know how to minimize the oxidation of high-grade copper objects!


Will brass be oxidized just like any other metal bag?

Yes, copper or any metal when left in the air will gradually dull due to oxidation by O2 in the air to form oxides, then the dull copper color will turn blue under the influence of CO2 and moisture. The bronze statues when oxidized are called patina. Depending on the environment, that patina is blue or black …

In fact, some incense burners, copper bells initially have a reddish brown color of pure red copper, but over time, under the rain and the influence of environmental conditions, the original copper color gradually turns into color. green or black, which adds to the lifetime value of the product.

It can be confirmed with certainty that copper can be oxidized when left in the sun for a long time. Therefore, how to prevent copper from oxidation is the issue that is most concerned by followers of “fine arts” products today.

Copper rust removal method is extremely simple


  • Use a mixture of water, vinegar, and toothpaste

Mix the mixture of water, vinegar in equal proportions and a little toothpaste. Take a soft towel dipped in this mixture and rub it on the surface of the bronze. If the rust is large and hard, rub it vigorously to make it come off.

Or, homeowners can soak the product in a diluted vinegar solution overnight and then rinse it off with warm water. The acids in the vinegar react to dissolve copper oxide.

  • Use a mixture of salt and vinegar

Mix salt, vinegar in boiling water, then use this mixture to scrub the face with copper. Rinse with warm water and dry to remove obvious rust stains. Using this method will effectively remove the stain and prevent the copper from oxidizing depending on the homeowner’s preservation methods.

  • Use lemon and salt

Sprinkle salt on the rusted copper surface and squeeze the lemon directly into the area. Leave the mixture for 2-3 hours and the lemon peel to rub against the surface, the peel is capable of removing rust without damaging the metal. Then, rinse with warm water dissolved copper salt, remove it from the surface most easily and dry with a soft cloth.

  • Use of chemicals

Many different chemicals can be used to clean rust on copper peaks, cranes. They are usually made from phosphorus and oxalic acid: like Cana (car polish wax) and RP7,…

How to prevent copper from oxidizing quickly and keeping product life?


How to prevent copper from oxidizing fastest, here are the ways that many “connoisseurs” copper most use:

  • Use lime

First of all, for copper items that the owner wants to keep the rustic color of the material, if he does not want to paint any paint, they should be dipped in lime water, then sprinkled with lime powder and used as usual. Products will not rust when left for a long time.

  • Place copper products in a dry place

Copper rust is due to being exposed to the air, with high humidity, causing the outer durable copper layer to peel off and corrode. Therefore, the easiest way to prevent copper from oxidizing is to store the product in a cool, dry place. For example, homeowners should hang copper paintings on the wall about 1.5m away from the floor and the wall is not wet or raining.

After cleaning the product by using shiny brassware methods, dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Topcoat or primer

Currently, bronze or bronze worshiping patterns are often lacquered or coated with a primer to protect the surface and are easy to clean and sanitize.

If you plan to paint your metal objects, apply a primer first to make the main coat more durable and help protect the metal from moisture.

With these products, homeowners should use a soft cloth to gently wipe them so that copper does not rust when used for a long time.

How copper does not oxidize and retains high strength depends on the usage and preservation of the owner. Shiny copper products not only show high aesthetics but also bring great feng-shui values ​​for the family. Make a note of these “recipes” above so that bronze items are always the most durable and beautiful!

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