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How to distinguish natural silk?

How to distinguish natural silk?

Silk is a “luxury” fabric that is very popular in Vietnam and many countries around the world. However, to create a silk tape, it takes 5-6 months. At the same time, the value of silk was very high. Therefore, on the market today, there are a variety of fabrics labeled “silk”. Therefore, the question of distinguishing natural silk is always the concern of many people. The following article will share with you some tips to distinguish real – fake silk and reputable addresses where you can find and buy the best Vietnamese silk tape measure.

Distinguishing natural and fake silk by visual sense

As you know, silk has the special characteristics of animal silk, there is a rare type of fabric. Thanks to these advantages, we can apply silk testing by visual perception when in contact with silk. Silk has a shiny, shiny appearance and has a metallic effect when exposed to light. Furthermore, when you touch the silk fabric, you will feel cool but not cold. Silk does not stick to the skin even in cold weather.

When buying silk, you can also rub the silk cloth with your hand. If it is natural silk, when the hand is released, the silk will return to its original shape without any wrinkles.


Natural silk isn’t scared of fire – Easy way to distinguish silk 

If “real gold is not afraid of fire”, so will real silk! If you buy silk fabric, you can ask the seller to cut a small piece of fabric. Then burn them. Because silk is made from animal protein fibers, when burning silk will have a slightly burnt smell, burned to form soot, can be broken, broken when squeezed on hand.

Silk 95% mixed with 5% polyester when burning black smoke, nylon burning smell, clumping easily causes burns. As for burning silk samples of 50% mixed with 50% cotton, the product will burn with features like burnt paper, not creating soot. If the fabric is burnt black and flexible, and does not create soot, it must be plastic mixed with a large proportion.


Try natural silk with rings

Another very simple way, you can use your ring to try silk. However, this method is only “effective” for small silk products such as silk towels.

Thread your silk scarf through the ring. If the scarf is easy to pass, without being entangled, we can believe that the scarf is made of real silk material. Because silk has a shiny appearance and is extremely smooth.

However, to recognize the 100% real silk accurately, it is necessary to have experts with modern machines to analyze the composition. This is also considered as an effective differentiator for the quality verification of the Standards Bureau, whether or not to have enough standards for circulation.


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