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Gift giving culture in business – A business guide

Gift giving culture in business – A business guide

In the current business environment as well as the interdependence of many businesses from different cultures of different countries, success depends on the understanding and action of understanding about the culture and practices of business. 

Gift giving culture in business

If your business is knowledgeable about the culture of giving gifts in the business of the market that it is targeting, it will avoid unfortunate events such as misunderstandings, or loss of heart to business partners. Equipment like these will contribute to creating a solid reputation on the global market if you are knowledgeable about the customs and business etiquette of a certain culture of a country or enterprise.

Often doing business in the country, you will understand the culture of the country as well as the simplicity of giving gifts, but if the business is a foreign country, or the boss is a foreigner, the business knowledge is multicultural. clearly being able to give gifts culture and related conventions will help foreign businessmen build successful business cooperation relationships….

Note before giving gifts to partners

Gift giving culture in business

This question is often seen many times, but I believe you have not applied it thoroughly and can be ignored, but when you apply the simple rules below, you will easily choose gifts for customers with cultures different from ours.

  • Who is the recipient of the gift?
  • Is it an individual, a group of people or an organization? What is the status  of the recipient?
  • What kind of gifts are acceptable?
  • What rituals and rules are related to giving and receiving gifts?
  • Should you return the gift?

You may not know: It is also an act of giving gifts, but in North America or the UK, giving gifts is known as bribery. But in contrast in Asian countries and many other countries it is a ritual to keep a central position in business activities.

Below, Nam An Craft would like to share with you the gift giving cultures of the countries that Vietnam often cooperate with, so that you have a clearer view of the gift giving culture in the business.

Chinese Gift Giving Culture

Gift giving culture in business

The culture of giving gifts to Chinese people also has similarities with Vietnamese people, but there are many interesting things such as:

  • Giving courtesy gifts on anniversaries and festivals, thanking the recipient for helping or asking for help in the future.
  • Do not give gifts without a reasonable reason, and without witnesses.
  • Chinese people, especially businessmen, will be very comfortable asking what gifts are given to the recipient? to donate.
  • Business gifts always have to pay off, not doing so can be a bad practice.
  • Do not donate money.
  • Avoid giving a single gift, Chinese people value balance, harmony, so give a couple if you can.

Gifting Culture in Saudi Arabia

Gift giving culture in business

  • Only performing the act of giving gifts to loved ones, that gift has a profound meaning.
  • Gift with quality value
  • Giving gifts to men should avoid buying gold, or silk products. But buying silver is acceptable.
  • Give and receive gifts with your right hand
  • Favorite gifts of people here are: perfume, perfume, clothes.
  • Opening gifts when receiving gifts is considered impolite

Gifting Culture in Japan

Gift giving culture in business

  • Giving gifts is considered a central part of Japanese corporate culture
  • Bring a variety of gifts during the event, trip, for whoever gives gifts to you in return.
  • Japan matters for the act of giving gifts, not valuing gifts of value or not.
  • Gifts given to an individual should be given in private.
  • Collective gifts should be given when everyone is present.
  • Giving gifts and receiving gifts should be received with both hands.
  • Number 4 and number 9 are considered unlucky.

Gifting Culture in Asia

Gift giving culture in business

Gift giving culture in Asia has a lot of rules, and gifts have many different meanings.

  • Respect the way of giving, not what the gift has in it
  • Should give gifts to partner with both hands
  • The appropriate time to give gifts is at the end of the ceremony
  • In Japan & Singapore, the recipient will refuse to accept the gift 3 times before accepting it.
  • In Indonesia, people often give each other small gifts.
  • In Singapore, government employees are not allowed to accept gifts.

Gift Giving Culture in Europe

Gift giving culture in business

  • In Europe there is almost no concern about giving business gifts.
  • Czech Republic, Finland, Russian Federation, Ukraine pay attention to choosing gifts and giving gifts to partners.
  • Giving gifts was not the first time, but the next few meetings.
  • There is no concept of business gift giving in these countries, but dinners are accepted in the UK & Germany.
  • If a gift is given, the recipient will open the gift right in front of the recipient.

Gift Giving Culture In Latin America

Gift giving culture in business

  • Do not give gifts during the first meeting, give gifts after a few encounters
  • Please note that when your partner is from the black and black communities of Latin America, you cannot give gifts with your left hand, but with your right or both hands.
  • When receiving gifts, open the gifts right in front of the giver
  • The Latin American countries that accept gifts are Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica (the first gift if given) and Brazil, Chile, and Guatemala. Nicaragua, Panama (it takes your 2nd meeting to give gifts). In Uruguay, it is very rare for people to give or accept gifts.

Gift Giving Culture in America

Gift giving culture in business

  • Giving each other gifts is promotional in nature
  • Gifts are not wrapped.
  • Giving gifts only happens in festivals or special occasions.
  • Gifts are usually widgets, accompanied by company logos.
  • Usually the gift is peeled right in front of the giver.

Above are the shares of Nam An Craft about the culture of giving gifts to businesses, Nam An Craft used to provide gifts to businesses, so we understand that the culture of each unit, each company is very different. If you have any questions about the information above do not hesitate to contact us at the address below for the best quotation.

Find out more about our gift at:   https://namancraft.com/product-category/handcrafted-gifts-catalogue/

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