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Enhance your fashion style with the water hyacinth bag

Enhance your fashion style with the water hyacinth bag

Accessories are an indispensable part of the girls’ everyday fashion, and one of the most famous accessories is not to mention handbags. An accessory that is both compact and highly applicable.

Maybe many people are familiar with the image of brand-name leather bags with a sharp and luxurious appearance. But over time, with the ascendance of pure natural and environmentally friendly materials, artisans have continuously created and produced handbags using materials made by Mother Nature. And water hyacinth is one such ingredient. Quietly, it slowly captures the hearts of fashionistas every time it appears.

Although the water hyacinth bag is simple and rustic, thanks to its bright colors and diverse designs, its applicability is extremely high, suitable for many fashion styles and many real application situations. Let’s learn some tips and tricks to be able to dress water hyacinth bags in the best way with Nam An Craft.

Going out for a walk or cafe

Elegant and luxurious street outfits are sure to stand out even more when combined with hand-held water hyacinth handbags or cross hyacinth bags. These bags are capable of holding the most essential items of ladies such as: cell phones, lipstick, wallets, … while still retaining the softness and charm of the user.


Protip: Because of its bright colors, a water hyacinth bag can suit a wide variety of clothing styles and colors, but to create the most appealing combo, try wearing a water hyacinth bag with a white dress or pastel colors dress. Surely your elegance score will be much higher. The combination of other types of belts with the same color tone is also a unique choice to create a highlight for the streetwear set.

Going to the beach or picnic

Mentioning the bag of hyacinths is a reference to the exciting summer atmosphere. What can be more convenient than a water hyacinth bag with a large knitted pattern, cool-looking but extremely spacious inside so that you can hold a “treasure” including clothes for beach trips or food and drinks for picnics with best friends?


Protip: Let’s make a splash for these multi-function baskets by incorporating accessories or a few flowers to bring nature to them? Further reveal that the flowered baskets will look very photogenic and attractive, making sure everyone will have a lovely and cute photo gallery!


Going to school or to work

With the need to have a large space to hold many books, the backpack made from water hyacinth will be the perfect choice for you. With a rustic and idyllic design, in addition to a very thick knit water hyacinth layer ensures the safest thing in the backpack, it will definitely attract the eyes of pedestrians.


Protip: Combining a hyacinth backpack with a white dress, you will look both traditionally discreet and lovely. Do not forget to estimate the number of items you need to bring each day to choose a backpack that fits you best.

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