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Craft pottery – Tradition or modernization?

Craft pottery – Tradition or modernization?

Referring to the craft of crafting pottery, you will surely immediately imagine the image of the elderly artisans working on their work.

Or when you think of a traditional profession, you will imagine the inheritance of “hereditary”, which means that only a “family” child can follow the profession.

That is true, but not enough.

Pottery is also an art. And art doesn’t close the door to anyone!

Handmade pottery - Tradition or modernization?

Every place has cultures that make its people extremely proud. It is not only a certain understanding of historical origins, but also a clear understanding of where we are today.

In the cultural flow of the nation, pottery is a material that holds the stories of many generations, is a bridge for the dialogue of the old days and today when time is divided. Pottery is not as unfamiliar as the inscriptions on the cliffs or the paintings and artifacts on display in the museum. Pottery is daily life with cups, bowls, teapots, flower pots, chairs….

So, is modern life so dominant today that craft pottery with many stages and time will no longer be popular?

The answer is no. Because when the love for Vietnamese culture remains, handicraft pottery will remain.

The soul of handicraft pottery is that in every grain of clay, each drawing or carving has the enthusiasm of the profession, the artist’s mind in it. Objects also transform the soul.

Handmade pottery - Tradition or modernization?

Craft pottery not only understands the indigenous culture of the place where they live and work, but also the culture of the country – proud values ​​from the ages. Today, however, the potter not only dwells on the past, but slips in the path of thinking and creativity. In addition to mastering pottery skills and traditional topics, each person always listens to every step of the time, the breath of life so that the product is guaranteed in terms of both applicability and trend.

Techniques and topics from the years of accumulation at the beginning of the dawn, the site has become a valuable treasure for craftsmen. The path of inheriting and bringing handicraft pottery to boom will have many difficulties, but the love of the profession always holds every step of the pottery maker.

You may think that the pottery profession is facing many challenges to maintain when society now prefers affordable and mass-produced items, making a profession that has been extremely difficult to be properly respected. However, people working in the profession feel extremely happy when they live in their passion every day. And every heart they always strongly believe that when the Earth still has human life, the pottery profession will never die.

To follow a career, passion is not enough, but it takes perseverance and trust. Believe in ourselves we will do it, believe in the vitality of the profession. Whether you are skillful or not is not necessarily a prerequisite, but the important thing is whether you have enough passion and patience to live with the profession for life or not.

But firmly believe that the saying: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” will always be true for those who are pursuing pottery.

Handmade pottery - Tradition or modernization?

A positive sign is that today’s young people have gradually understood and followed the profession more. You can be the one who specializes in shaping ceramics through hand-stroke technique – ceramic rotation on turntable or sculpture; or specializes in decoration such as painting oxide, sculpture, enamel. There is never a shortage of jobs at the Craft Workshop for those who are willing to give up the stereotypical thinking about the profession to begin the journey of passion. You may be trained through a formal school, or maybe just a career path; There are no rules for recruitment.

Here comes the craft pottery, you only need the determination to pursue!

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