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Copper flower vases: Spiritual beauty on the ancestral altar

Copper flower vases: Spiritual beauty on the ancestral altar

The copper flower vase on the altar is only known for the purpose of flower arrangement, but few people know that just a vase of flowers on the ancestral altar can add beauty to other worship objects and show off. the spiritual beauty of the nation.

Copper flower vases: Preserving traditional Vietnamese culture

Offering flowers, offering incense on Tet holidays, the full moon day, the first day, … is a beauty in traditional Vietnamese culture. The offering of flowers not only adorns the ancestral altar with a new color, but also means to give good and good things done in life to the ancestors and supreme divine beings. This is a respectful act, expressing the owner’s gratitude, even though the material value is not much.

With a high spiritual significance, the selection of flower arrangements is also carefully selected by the homeowner. In addition to ordinary vases, flower arrangements such as ceramic and glass flower pots, … copper flower arrangements are also popular with many people. Many families even buy a bronze worship set to create solemnity and dignity: bronze top, bronze bronze, copper crane, bronze incense bowl,….

Copper flower vases have many different designs and designs, usually in the shape of a large body, a tight neck, a bulging mouth. The common point of all types of copper flower arrangements is that they are handcrafted and carved by the hands of experienced artisans and meticulous to every detail.

Today, we can easily see bronze flower arrangements on the shrine of every family or temple, temple, temple, even in shops and businesses. Products are placed on the altar to pray for prosperity in money, proliferate and bring good luck to the owner.

Copper flower vases: Spiritual beauty on the ancestral altar

Advantages of copper flower vases


Compared with other types of flower arrangements made of ceramic, glass, plastic, … copper flower pots have much higher durability. Copper material always brings beauty, elegance and durability compared with porcelain material, minimizing risks such as falling and breaking. But according to spiritual beliefs, broken worship is not good at all.

Rich in aesthetic value

Because they are cast by hand, all kinds of copper flower arrangement always bring high aesthetic value with sophisticated pattern lines and beautiful motifs. This is one of the pluses that not all ordinary flower arrangements have.

Reasonable price, suitable for each type of customer

Before choosing to buy copper flower arrangements, you need to understand the types of flower vases to know the right price for copper vases. Usually on the market today there are 2 popular types of copper flower vase: the Taiwanese bronze flower vase and the handicraft bronze flower.

  • Taiwan worship flower vases

Nice design, like 90% traditional bronze flower vase. However, the price of this brass flower arrangement is lower than that of a traditional one. Because this is a mass production product. Patterns are not clear, copper content is not high, light and easy to rust over time.

  • Worship handicraft bronze flower pot

Produced from perennial handicraft villages, flower arrangements made of bronze and handicrafts in Van Diem village, Y Yen, Nam Dinh always have their own characteristics, creating a highlight for the worship space.

There are also many different types in handicraft flower vases. The more meticulously produced high quality copper products often have higher prices such as antique bronze flower pots, tam gas … because they are made from top artisans. These are carefully selected products from raw material selection to casting and carving. Combining high-grade metals to create luxury products: red copper, green copper, black copper, gold copper, silver leaf, 9999 gold …

Copper flower vases: Spiritual beauty on the ancestral altar

Where are quality copper flower vases for sale?

Currently, there are many establishments casting and selling copper flower arrangements. However, how to buy a quality copper flower vase and express the unique culture of the nation has always been the question of many people. Understanding the concerns of customers, Nam An Craft has searched for many different flower vases decoration designs to create products that are both quality and rich in aesthetic and spiritual value.

Copper flower vases: Spiritual beauty on the ancestral altar

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