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Add a new style to the space around you: Collectible sculptures

Add a new style to the space around you: Collectible sculptures

Sculpture can really add a whole new dimension to your life. A beautifully made sculpture has played an important role for humanity for thousands of years and continues to be a related and collectable form of art.

We recently opened an exhibition at the art gallery where I work which encouraged us to bring in some sculptures. Our space has been completely changed by adding these elegant, tactile treasures. The same will definitely apply to redeeming pieces for your home.


Where should I place my sculpture?

I keep claiming that there is always a place for something you love. With sculpture, the possibilities for arrangement are endless. Your works are housed in a niche, on a coffee or a final table, on a shelf, coating, dedicated pedestal, outdoors or in some cases, hung on a wall.

I find myself constantly fiddling with art displays to keep my home looking fresh. One great benefit of sculpture collection is that it can often be moved around pretty easily without having to rebuild an entire wall!


Which sculpture should I buy?

Sculpture covers a vast genre of artwork. It comes in all shapes, sizes, materials, and themes. One person’s artistic preferences are completely subjective so the right sculpture for you may not be right for someone else’s home.

Examine your surroundings

You can start by looking at the artwork you currently have. Are there any topics that you find particularly appealing? For example, if you are interested in rustic decor, check out our collection of wooden sculptures to have more ideas for decoration.

Selection of top sculpture

To assist you further in this process, I have outlined the most commonly collected topics in sculpture. With the variety that Nam An Craft offers, you will surely find something you like or love. The sculptures look astonishing in groups of two or more!

Figurative sculpture

Human form is an ancient and consistent theme found throughout art history. While artistic tastes vary, I have found that human form tends to be the most collected subject in sculpture. This makes sense since all of us here on Earth have a human experience … no wonder it resonates with us!


Abstract sculpture

Since the 1940s (after World War II), more contemporary, abstract themes have dominated the art market. This certainly extends to the realm of sculpture. Abstract art, by definition, is not meant to literally reflect anything. It is often conceptual and based on sound composition and design.

When buying abstract sculpture, try not to overthink it. Focus on its design and feel. It’s the key to discovering something you’ll treasure forever!

Animal sculpture

Animals are another very popular topic found in sculptures. If you love animals, consider incorporating them into your life in sculptural form.

Whether you’re looking for a large and impressive sculpture, or a small group of collectible, Nam An Craft has something for you. Beautiful sculptures not only positively impact your life, but your purchases also positively affect the lives of artisans from remote regions of the world by allowing them to preserve transmissions. and provide for their families.


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