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8 tips to perfect flower arrangements in every detail

8 tips to perfect flower arrangements in every detail

For flower lovers, it is very meaningful to create beautiful flowers with your own hands. But not everyone has the ability to create a beautiful vase.

In this article, we will share 8 tips that teach perfect flower arrangements in every detail. 

1. Choose the best flowers

Before you learn how to arrange beautiful flowers, you should know how to classify new and old flowers. When buying flowers you need to avoid buying the wrong flowers. Old flowers will have softer petals than new ones. If you buy a whole bunch, you should remove any flowers that show signs of wilting to avoid affecting the surrounding flowers.

2. Add them all to your flower jars

To embellish your vase more eye-catchingly, you should choose to add additional motifs such as baby flowers, orchid, fern leaves, betel leaves, magnolia leaves,…

8 tips to teach perfect flower arrangements in every detail

3. Choose plants

Choosing the right vase is also very important. You need to consider the height, size, type of flowers and arrangement you want to choose the right vase.

If you are a beginner, the vase that is too tall will be difficult to use as the trunk tends to fall out. You can choose from this short, neutral-style cylindrical vase that allows the beauty of the flowers to truly shine without too much effort. Before you begin, make sure the vase is clean and air-dried to kill bacteria and prevent flower stains. 

4. Gather your flower tools

Before you get started, gather all the tools you need to make sure everything is available when you need it. Basically, you need a sharp vase, knife or scissors, tape in the brochure, and some empty buckets.

8 tips to teach perfect flower arrangements in every detail

5. Handling flowers before plugging

This is a very important step in this article teaching beautiful flower arrangements, as it will interfere with filling the bucket with warm water. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold because it will shock the flowers and flowers will die quickly. Prune the branches and leaves under the stem to avoid the leaves being soaked in water when plugging in, causing rot. Cut the original bevel at 45 degrees to increase the water-absorbing surface area for longer flowers. Then place the flowers according to the organization before placing in the barrel. Correct treatment will help the flowers stay hydrated and slightly bloom.

6. Creating network before plugging the flower

To make the vase more solid and easy to shape, you should use tape to create a net on the top of the vase and fix the roll of tape about 2cm down the edge of the vase. This grid will help keep the flower in place where you want to place it.

7. Teaching how beautiful flower start with green plants

Fill your vase with half water, add 1-2 aspirin capsules to add nutrients to keep the flowers fresher longer. Start with a green stalk in each mesh opening, placing them alternately between the flowers and fixing them in place.

8. Place flower from biggest to smallest

Start with large flowers as the centerpiece of the arrangement and will help create the overall shape. Next is to arrange smaller flowers, which can be alternately arranged or in order from high to low so that the vase looks full and harmonious.

8 tips to teach perfect flower arrangements in every detail

Above are 8 tips to teach the most beautiful flower arrangement that Nam An Craft has summarized and synthesized are wanted to send to you. Hope this will be useful information for you!

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