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5 factors affecting the quality of wooden furniture

5 factors affecting the quality of wooden furniture

Currently, many people think that when choosing natural wood furniture, only need to pay attention to wood materials such as walnuts, oak, ash, … However, to own quality wooden products and durable over time, we need to pay attention to 5 factors that affect the quality of wooden furniture.

The natural wood source determines the quality of wooden furniture

The first factor affecting the quality of furniture must be mentioned is the origin of the wood. Currently on the market there are many lines of wood with many origins from different countries, depending on each place of production, the wood will have different quality. According to experts, the investment in high-priced high-priced wood will ensure better quality than cheap wood. Because high quality wood not only has good wood quality, it is also carefully machined, limiting termites and mold.

5 factors affecting the quality of wooden furniture

The durability and moisture content of the wood affects the quality of the wooden handicraft

Nam An Craft advises customers to choose wood with stable durability, hard wood, capable of bearing great impact, inlaid against termites attack for a long time such as walnut, oak, Ash wood (Ashwood)… Besides the thickness of the wood and its strength.

In different types of wood, there are also different moisture levels of wood, the expansion of the wood depends on the type of wood and the substance of the wood. The wood line is flexible, light, has great hygroscopic ability, strong and heavy wood lines have less moisture absorption, lower expansion amplitude. Heavy wood also depends on the type of wood, but the expansion is different. Therefore, depending on the type of wood, we have appropriate technical measures to ensure the quality of wooden furniture and wooden furniture when used. In Nam An Craft, the standard humidity for wood is less than 12%.

Production techniques determine 50% of product quality

The third factor affecting the quality of wooden furniture is Production technique, which is a factor that directly affects product durability. Even if you buy high-quality, good-quality wood, the construction worker with poor skills will not bring the results you want, making them easy to warp, open, swell …

The processing, drying,… process is meticulous, complex and top priority when producing, so we recommend choosing a production unit with many years of experience, good technical team, a system of modern machinery and technology to ensure the best interior quality and aesthetics as desired.

5 factors affecting the quality of wooden furniture

Environment using wooden furniture

Vietnam is characterized by a hot and humid tropical monsoon climate, so it is important to choose wood with water-resistant properties. Besides, depending on the installation area, choose which wood furniture to suit with water resistance. With the line of wooden furniture for supermarkets or business shops, there is usually air conditioning, so you only need to use wood with reasonable prices. But if it is a private house, especially floor wood, it is necessary to withstand high humidity from the ground up.

People impact wooden furniture

Humans are the direct factors affecting wooden furniture, and the correct use and preservation of wood keeps them shiny and durable over time. So when using laminate flooring you should pay attention to the contact with water, prevent the wood from absorbing water and limit dirt and scratches.

5 factors affecting the quality of wooden furniture

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