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3 senses help you find the true silk material

3 senses help you find the true silk material

You must use at least 3 senses to feel a real silk scarf!

When you come to the silk shop, do not rush to believe the words of the sellers. Please confirm those words with your facts.

How to feel the truth? Use your senses to get a real scarf.

I’ll suggest you to use the following 3 senses:

First is about the sight.

Simple design templates, such as plain towels, headscarves. Some models have details but are also quite simple. But if you upload any one, you will find it beautiful. This is what customers come and say.

The following silk yarn weave is more than a little bit. Please look to receive the story in it.

Left on silk, you take a look at the silk thread. To you see the move of the incoming light rays.


Next is about touch.

That is when the desk is holding the silk loom in hand. Silk silk is extremely gentle, softer than other materials you hold. Put on the skin cool, very comfortable.

Small tips for you, use the back of your hand to touch the silk scarf. You will feel a light up to your skin.


Finally, use your sense of smell.

Naturally colored silk scarves have most of the natural fragrance of the dye. This makes many customers very excited. Who bought and liked to testify for Nam An Craft.

If it is a face towel, or a silk bath towel, you will smell the smell of silk cocoons. If you want to know what silk cocoons smell like, go to Nam An Craft and hold a silk scarf to smell it. Uhm, I’m afraid you are addicted to that smell!

Hopefully, through this article to help you find the real silk scarf for yourself.


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