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3 applications of natural silk in your daily life

3 applications of natural silk in your daily life

Silk has rare and preeminent properties, making this fabric very popular not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world. Surely everyone of us knows, silk is used a lot in the fashion industry, but today silk is “encroaching” on many other fields. Let’s learn the 3 most popular applications of natural silk today!

Natural Silk – Excellent material in the fashion industry

Surely, this application of silk is very familiar to us. Since ancient times, silk has been used to make costumes for the Vietnamese royal family and mandarins. Silk was so developed that there were historical periods where silk was used as a unit of currency, on par with gold. Many countries have a need to use silk as a garment material. Because of this demand, silk is also exported to many countries around the world. Forming a trade road called “Silk Road”. Transporting silk around the world.

Talking about silk and fashion in Vietnam, definitely mention silk and traditional Ao Dai. Ao dai brings the beauty of Vietnamese women, when combined with soft, smooth silk material, it can show off all the seductive beauty but still discreet and elegant. Gentle and pristine. In addition, today, the leading designers in the world as well as Vietnam always prioritize using silk in their designs, silk shines on many fashion catwalks with luxurious dresses.

3 applications of natural silk in your daily life

Natural Silk in premium gift application

Today, in a modern and developed society, gifts are also becoming more diverse. However, typical souvenirs of Vietnam have never “cooled down”. And silk is always at the top of the most popular gifts both for Vietnamese and foreigners.

The popular silk gifts can be mentioned such as: Silk Ao Dai, silk fabric, silk scarf, silk tie,… However, choosing to buy gifts from silk in the market is not as fake as today. easy thing. Choosing for yourself a reputable silk brand is extremely important. You can find a reputable silk sales address at 158 ​​Bach Dang, Da Nang – Nam An Craft store to buy silk gifts!

3 applications of natural silk in your daily life

Natural Silk used in interior decoration

Referring to silk, people will immediately think of luxury and class. Therefore, silk quickly dominates the furniture market. In particular, when the design trend is based on the soft and gentle criterion, silk is more favored. Your house will become much more luxurious and modern when combined with silk sofas, silk curtains,…

Besides, nowadays, people often tend to use silk materials for bedding. Because silk has the property of “Warm in winter, cool in summer”, regulates body temperature, creates good sleep and deepness. Create excellent quality sleep. In addition, silk also has the ability to absorb sweat very well, gently nurture the skin, does not cause irritation and helps avoid harmful agents such as mold, bacteria, viruses,…

Above are the three most popular applications of silk, hope that through this article, readers will have more interesting knowledge about silk as well as silk applications in life!

3 applications of natural silk in your daily life

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